As an artist I believe that my creative force and points of artistic inspiration are a subconscious culmination of the myriad of events, some good, some less so, that life has, thus far, presented me with. I express love and emotion in my art and hope that these sentiments are present to you when you view my artwork. All my paintings are original oil on canvas executed with attention to detail, a swathe of traditional brush strokes textured in thick oil. This style is intended to surprise the viewer and create the feeling of appreciation for the high quality fine art that posses a unique but accessible quality. All my artwork comes from imagination, plein-air painting and inspiration from various life experiences.

I am especially intrigued by mist, reflection in the water, ice and snow and delivery of such in oil paintings. I enjoy challenging myself by so much that the universe avails to us all as sources of inspiration. I love painting commonplace objects captured in quotidian circumstances with a focus on creating moments frozen in time. I want my artwork to offer a unique perspective of positively perfect hyper-realism with a distinctly classic aesthetic tone.

I appreciate your time in viewing my artwork and trust that should you wish to adorn either your home or work environment with any of my pieces you will have years of pleasure and satisfaction from your investment.