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Devotion to Passion

Oil painter Ganna Halvorsen came from Russia — with love and her artistic talent. Native Siberian artist, Ganna Halvorsen, creates works that are uniquely beautiful and passionate. Her oil on canvas paintings in large scale are executed in thick oils with pallet knife and a finish of brushwork in mesmerizing amount of details. This style is intended to surprise any art lover and create the feeling of serenity and joy. Everyday viewers from all over the world find that they experience a sudden connection with Ganna's paintings that they never had before. Public has pronounced a distinct appreciation for the higher quality fine art through Ganna's works.

Born into an Altai Mountains family whose wealth was measured in the spirit of love and family unity rather than any form of financial or material value, Ganna realized at a very early age that she was a natural artist. She would spend hours in plein-air painting the unforgettable Siberian nature scenes honing her abilities. The nurturing of a latent talent later blossomed as a great passion conjuring the most beautiful of images from paint onto canvas. Graduating from one of the world's best art schools, The Surikov Institute in Saint Petersburg, Ganna has expressed the purity of breathtaking execution in all seven disciplines of the body of the landscapes studies raising the bar to a higher quality fine art.

Centered around the “principle of delicate grace,” Halvorsen’s creations have earned worldwide recognition among international private collectors and aficionados including Anthony Hopkins, Edward van Halen and François Pinault."